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Update from Julia Evans Starr, CCC President

Warm weather, flowers blooming – signs of hope are all around us. And while there’s a measure of relief that the official COVID public health emergency has ended, the truth remains that the enhanced supports and special provisions associated with the pandemic are ending too. The result:  the human need for services remains great and is expected to increase. At CCC, we witness the needs of the thousands of people we serve firsthand and stay vigilant when it comes to providing them with individual planning, care, and support. And at the same time, we are dedicated to fostering communities where people can thrive as they grow up and grow older.  

With the swiftly changing landscape, now more than ever, resiliency and adaptability are a routine part our work ethos and we take great pride in achieving organizational goals and finding new ways to work smarter not harder. We’re welcoming new care managers and in awe of their quick get-up-to-speed style, feeling grateful for client survey feedback that informs future planning and enhances customer service, and remaining steadfast in our commitment to ongoing efforts to foster an inclusive and diverse workplace where everyone feels welcomed, valued, and respected. In addition, we’re hosting in-person events that showcase the unique talents of people we serve and welcoming client service providers to learn more about us and to hear more about them. We’re also consolidating and modernizing our office spaces and expanding our donor giving program to reach more people who need your help. No doubt, buoyed by your generosity and support, there’s an exceedingly high level of energy among us.

The possibilities for people who choose to live their best lives at home, in their communities are endless. We are grateful that you choose to support our clients and the meaningful work we do here at Connecticut Community Care.

May the season of summer bring you much joy and purpose.


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