Community Initiatives

To help people live their best lives at home, Connecticut Community Care leads community initiatives to foster thriving communities where we all can optimize our health and well-being.  A statewide innovator and connector, Connecticut Community Care leads the Connecticut Age Well Collaborative and the Connecticut Healthy Living Collective.

The Connecticut Age Well Collaborative (CAWC)

The Connecticut Age Well Collaborative is a statewide, cross-sector initiative that fosters aging, dementia and disability-inclusive communities. Delegated by the Commission on Women, Children, Seniors, Equity & Opportunity, the Collaborative is leading the state’s livable communities initiative (Section 17b-420a of the Connecticut General Statutes). Livable communities are inclusive, vibrant places where we can all thrive across the lifespan.

Through our statewide campaign, we help communities embrace every age, every ability. We build community authority and value lived experience through our Community Leaders Fellowship. We provide education, resources and support to local government. We celebrate community success. And we lead multi-sector planning and policy efforts.

The CT Healthy Living Collective (CHLC)

The Connecticut Healthy Living Collective is a statewide network of organizations and individuals working together to ensure that Connecticut residents have easy access to evidence-based and evidence-informed programs and services that promote healthy aging and enhance social connection. The Collective combines the strengths of trusted local community providers with a robust quality and contracting infrastructure to deliver programs and services that promote healthier people, holistic care, stronger social connection, smarter spending, and health equity. Current programs include the LGBTQ+ Moveable Senior Center and Tai Qi Quan: Moving for Better Balance.

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