Meet Chad

Chad is a busy person. He volunteers twice a week at a food pantry. He helps his church organize Bingo nights. He is an active board member of LARC, an organization that supports people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. He loves basketball, fishing and long walks. And he recently self-published a memoir, My Path to Independence: A Look into Life Through the Eyes of a Person with a Disability.

Chad’s book chronicles his journey toward fulfillment after sustaining anAcquired Brain Injury due to a seizure disorder. Much of what he worked to overcome involved angermanagement and emotional regulation.

CCC Care Manager, James works with Chad as part of the state’s Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) Program. James created the care plan and works with Chad to set goals and track accomplishments. “Chad’s book was a major accomplishment that took years to complete,” said James. “To hone his skills, he took online writing classes, where he worked hard and did well. He is a true inspiration.”

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