Our Services

We provide a range of care management services including, Comprehensive Assessment & Individualized Planning, In-Home Care Management, Self-Directed Support, Short and Long-Term Care Coordination, and Transitional Services. To find out more about accessing these services, outlined below, learn about our Programs here.

Comprehensive Assessments & Individualized Planning

An in-depth evaluation of an individual’s current situation including health, function, cognition, and emotional status, living environment, financial situation, and available support system.

A personalized care plan is created by the individual, the family and the care manager that addresses the current and long-term care goals of that person taking into consideration personal or cultural preferences.

In-Home Care Management

Care managers work with the person and family to consider options that meet the individual’s identified desires, dreams, and goals. Coordination of services may include home health agencies, homemaker and companion services, adult day centers, transportation, assistive technology and more.

Self-Directed Support

Our care management team embraces a self-directed approach to care, empowering you to make your own choices about how support is provided with a focus on working together with you and your family to achieve goals, ultimately leading to your ability to thrive and live your best life. Self-management skills may include being able to prioritize tasks, identify personal strengths and weaknesses, and knowing when to delegate tasks. Our care managers provide education on self-directed supports to people who choose to hire and manage their own personal care assistants (PCAs).

Short and Long-Term Care Coordination

Our team of care management professionals stand ready to help you and your family with both short-and long-term needs based on a personalized plan of care we develop with you and your loved ones.  We listen, assess needs, plan, and continue to provide support as long as it’s needed, both at home or in a variety of community settings such as rehabilitation or assisted living facilities.  From personal care needs to housing and transportation, we’re by your side every step of the way to guide you toward living your best life.

Transitional Services

CCC Care Managers and Transition Coordinators are trained to help transition you from the hospital or an assisted living facility back home or to the location of your choice in the community through the state-sponsored program, Money Follows the Person, always guiding and helping to make the process easier on everyone.

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