Meet Narlease

Narlease loves being a big sister. Her mom, Eboni says “they love pushing the envelope!” The two are inseparable now that Narlease is home from the hospital – she spent the first three years of her life there. Her movement, speech and breathing were affected from birth and required time to develop with the help of the hospital’s therapeutic staff.

Now four-years-old, Narlease is in school building friendships and receiving encouragement from classmates. Eboni says, “She loves it. She tackles each exercise and undertakes each new challenge to increase mobility and speech. Seeing her in the stander and starting to talk – it’s such a huge improvement. She can scoot, lift herself up and off the couch and play.”

Narleaes’s CCC Care Manager, Michelle says:
Narlease is awesome. Adorable. Her expressions tell us everything. When we transition children from a hospital setting, many have been there since birth, and they’re not used to being outside except for structured times. Narlease just ran headfirst into it. She was not worried about it!

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