Our Team

We improve the lives of thousands of people, helping them to achieve their dreams of living how and where they choose. We’re committed to partnering with you, your family and others to support personal goals for health, safety and wellbeing. We advance equity and belonging as cornerstones of our daily work.

  • Daniel Rissi, M.D., Chair
  • Sandra Sherlock-White, J.D. Vice Chair
  • Thomas Shugrue, Treasurer
  • Marta Hernandez, Secretary
  • Julia Evans Starr, President
  • June Renzulli, Member at Large
  • Cherese Chery
  • Patrick Coll, M.D.
  • Marta L. Hernandez
  • Gail E. Millerick
  • June Renzulli
  • Daniel Rissi, M.D.
  • Sandra Sherlock-White, J.D.
  • Noreen Shugrue
  • Thomas Shugrue
  • Paula Stabnick
  • Julia Evans Starr
  • Dianne Stone
  • Teresa (Tess) Torrey
  • Julia Evans Starr, President
  • Kurt Darré, Director, People and Culture
  • Kevin Dionne, Director, Information Technology
  • Diane Edwards, Director, Marketing and Communications
  • Kathryn Freda, Founder, Sage Solutions, LLC
  • Jessica Hughes, LPC, CMC, Director, Operations
  • Lina Irizarry, Director, Finance
  • Erin Kane, Head of Quality and Performance Improvement
  • Alyssa Norwood, Director, Connecticut Age Well Collaborative, a CCC Initiative
  • Ida Pierre, Director, Innovation
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