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“Legions of elders and individuals with disabilities are living life on their own terms in the communities of their choice. The personal and systemic challenges often seem insurmountable to them as they do to all of us at times. But we never give up. We advocate and search for reliable services and benefits to support living at home in one’s own community. Ours is truly a worth charge.” Molly Rees Gavin, President of Connecticut Community Care

For the past 40 years, we have improved the lives of thousands of individuals of all ages and abilities, helping them to achieve their dreams to live how and where they choose. We are Connecticut’s premier and largest care management organization and are dedicated to partnering with individuals, families and supporters so that all people may remain independent and living at home.


CT Community Care Board of Directors

Front row, left to right: Joseph Consorte, Jodi Olshevski, Margaret Rathier, Molly Rees Gavin, Kimberly Kalajainen
Back row, left to right: Michael Quinn, Paul Bukowski, Thomas Shugrue, Martin Stauffer, Tess Torrey, Joseph Ofosu, Beverly Annello, Heather Gillette


Kimberly Kalajainen, Chair
Micheal D. Quinn, Vice Chair
Paul Bukowski, Treasurer
Molly Rees Gavin, President


Beverly Annello, Member at Large
Paul Bukowski
Molly Rees Gavin
Kimberly Kalajainen
Gail E. Millerick
Joseph Ofosu, Pharm.D., R.Ph.
Jodi Olshevski
Georgia Powell
Michael D. Quinn, Sc.D.
Margaret Rathier, MD
Daniel Rissi, MD
Noreen Shugrue
Thomas Shugrue
Tess Torrey
Sandra Sherlock White, J.D.


Molly Rees Gavin, President
Kevin Dionne, Director, Information Technology
Diane M. Edwards, Director, Marketing and Communications
Lina Irizarry, Director, Finance
Gayle P. Kataja, MS, RNC, CMC, Director, Quality and Private Initiatives
Carol O'Regan, Director, Human Resources
Sherry Ostrout, MSW, Director, Government Initiatives


Established in 2011, Connecticut Community Care Corporators serve as ambassadors and advocates in support of our mission to serve older individuals and those with disabilities with pride, dignity and respect. Our corporators represent many aspects of community and business life throughout Connecticut and offer significant experience and counsel to our organization.

Corporator List

Roseanne Azarian
Kimberly Beauregard
Harold Buckingham, Jr.
Inga H. Buhrmann
Anne M. Burns
Joan Cahill
Rocco Corso
Karen Dean
Anthony DeJesus, EdD, MSW
William Eddy
Timothy Elwell
Susan Farwell
Daniel Flynn
Andrew Follo
Albert Garrido
Michael Rees Gavin
Walter Gillette
Heather Gillette
Cindy A. Gruman, PhD
Kathryn Guinan, Esq.

Greg Hammond, CFP, CPA
Cynthia Hellyar
J. Gregory Hickey
Steven Horenstein
Jan Iorio
Alison Johnson
Christine M. Johnson
Bonnie Kaplan, PhD
Stephen Karp, MSW
Kathryn Katz
Dennis Keenan
Barbara Kennedy
Dana Kessler
Cynthia Kovak
Michael Kurs, Esq.
Linda Labbadia
Gail Lebert
Louise Leitao
Nancy Leonard
Ellen Lesiak
Patrick McCormack

Maureen Mohyde
Sheila Molony
Mag Morelli
Siobhan Morgan
Andrea Obston
Eric Quinn
Susan Raimondo
Manny Ratafia
Gary Richter
Nancy Ryan
Rollin Schuster, Jr.
Richard Siddall
Michael P. Starkowski
Martin Stauffer
Judith A. Stein
Dianne Stone
Nancy W. Tonucci, Esq
Marilyn Toland, Esq
Joan Twiggs
Jill Zorn

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