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Getting it Right (GIR) is an integrated set of resources designed to help home care and facility-based service providers serving elders to implement LGBT inclusion practices. GIR begins with the premise that inclusivity requires proactive practices that go beyond current standards and policies of non-discrimination. Inclusivity is a collection of defined practices, not intentions.

Getting it Right recognizes that program implementation is not a “one size fits all” matter. Content knowledge must be paired with specific organizational practices to ensure new knowledge is sustained, and mechanisms for knowledge transfer must be integrated into ongoing operations. Thus GIR resources are made available to organizations with the expectation of customization to fit their circumstances.

Getting it Right identifies core elements that lead to certification at two levels. These core elements (fundamentals level) are summarized in the following section. GIR is a program of Connecticut Community Care with funding from the John H. and Ethel G. Noble Charitable Trust. GIR materials and technical assistance are available to participating organizations without charge.


Core elements of Getting it Right certification – Fundamentals level (see also the Certification section of the GIR handbook)

1. The organization has implemented LGBT inclusivity training using training content and staff coverage that are appropriate for its purpose and organizational structure

The Getting it Right program provides information about sources of LGBT training. GIR has also developed PowerPoint based training products for home care and facility-based provider settings.

2. The organization has developed and implemented Welcoming Practices for LGBT Clients/Family Members/Community

- The organization “comes out first”

The organization has implemented at least one document that is given to all clients/family members, including potential clients, that signals the organization’s LGBT inclusion practices and values. A GIR standard flyer is available for GIR participating organizations.

- The organization has prepared its staff to communicate its inclusive values

organization has developed and implemented a response protocol for staff to use when a client/family member identifies self or a family member as LGBT.

3. The organization has created sustainability and staff support structures

The organization has designated one or more staff members as LGBT point person(s) to respond to staff questions/concerns/guidance. This “go to” person is prepared to address concerns and questions related to LGBT inclusivity within the appropriate organizational and industry standards and frameworks.


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Project Manager, Getting it Right: Creating an LGBT Inclusive Organization
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