I'm a caregiver

How do I get care for a family member?

Receiving care for a family member begins with a call to a Community Resource Specialist who will speak with you on the phone to determine whether your loved one qualifies for one of our state-sponsored programs or our private pay services. Learn More

Can I get paid as a caregiver for my loved one?

Some caregivers may be paid, depending on the state-sponsored program that their loved one is participating in.

I'm a service provider

How do I make a referral?

First, you must become a preferred services provider. To do so, you will need to contact Allied Community Resources at 860-845-2224. See Providers & Professionals

I'm a referring Professional (Attorney, Trust Officer, Doctor, Nurse, Specialized nonprofit, etc.)

How do I make a referral for a client?

Simply call us at 860-314-2200 and we will discuss ways to partner with you as an extension of your services. We have 40 years of experience helping to make it easier for older individuals and those with disabilities to remain at home in the community of their choice and still receive the care they need.

I need care or my loved one needs care

How do I know it’s time to seek care at home?

Knowing just when the right time is to seek care at home is a personal decision that can be made easier with the help of family members or a care management company, like Connecticut Community Care. Often times, a person may be considering a more expensive alternative, such as a nursing home or assisted living facility and has not considered home care as an option. If that is the case, simply call us to determine if you may qualify for a state sponsored program or to find out more about our private service options.

What does Connecticut Community Care do?

Connecticut Community Care is a care management company that creates a personalized care plan and offers ongoing consultative services to help older individuals and people with disabilities to live comfortably at home or in the environment of their choice.

CCCI services can be accessed via one of two programs:

The state program, The Connecticut Home Care Program for Elders (CHCPE), requires an application and qualification; Click Here to Apply.

CCCI private pay services, Care Management Associates (CMA), is a fee-for-service program open to everyone. Clients are billed on an hourly basis, with costs based on the level of need and services provided. Typically, our process begins with a complete in-home assessment conducted most often by a licensed nurse and social worker who work to develop a customized, comprehensive care plan tailored to the functional, environmental, as well as medical needs and preferences preferred by the individual and family caregivers.

Is it true that the State has a program that helps pay for Connecticut Community Care services?

Yes. We are one of four access agencies to the Connecticut Home Care Program. We provide care management guidance to more than 17,000 people at any one time who meet the age, financial and functional requirements of the program.

Do I qualify for the state program?

You may qualify for The Connecticut Home Care Program or other state programs that provide aid in paying for our services. For information about qualifying standards and application information, Click Here

What if I don’t qualify for state sponsored programs, including The Connecticut Home Care Program?

No problem. You can still receive our services through private pay options that will meet your personal and financial situation. Call our Community Resource Specialist at 860-314-2200.

How do I access your private services?

Simply place a call to us at 860-314-2200. Our Community Resources Specialist will assist you setting up an appointment for an assessment with one of our qualified care managers.

Once I’m a client, what happens next?

Once a care manager has visited with you and your family members and has a solid understanding of your personal needs and situation, a highly personalized and comprehensive care plan will be provided. At that point, you will decide if you would like further assistance to coordinate the services you need and whether you would like us to stay involved to help manage those services on your behalf. You and your family remain in control of decision-making throughout the process with the goal always being for you to remain at home in your community.

What is the role of a care manager?

Connecticut Community Care managers are professionals with a background in nursing, social work, gerontology and/or psychology who specialize in elder care issues and are trained to help individuals and their family caregivers by

  • assessing the needs of a family, the level of care needed, and the living situation;
  • helping them navigate the medical system; and
  • planning and supervising care, among other services.

What is The Connecticut Home Care program?

Why doesn't Medicare Pay For These Services?

Historically, Medicare was never intended to provide the kind of extensive support required by older adults as they age. Medicare pays for more acute and rehabilitative care. Long-term care is most often paid for by private funding, long-term care insurance and for those with other resources, such as Medicaid. Those with Medicaid may apply for state sponsored programs to determine whether they qualify.

What are people saying about our services?

Those we serve are our best ambassadors for getting the word out about the quality of our care managers and overall services.

According to our 2016 client satisfaction survey, 98% percent of our clients and families served reported “my care manager knows me well”, “provides choices about my home care services”, “does a good job responding to questions and concerns” and said, “I would recommend my care manager to others.”

Read our Testimonials.

How can I be sure that I am getting state-of-the-art care management services?

After 40 years of providing care management services to millions of individuals in Connecticut, we have the professional expertise and know-how to approach your care with the dignity, quality, respect and satisfaction you deserve. We are privileged each time an individual or their caregiver entrusts their care to us and take a careful and comprehensive approach every step of the way.

Further evidence of our growth and development came just last year with the award of an $824,706 state grant to update and improve technology used to improve client services. As millions of baby boomers age, we recognize the importance of responding to their demands for new and updated products.

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Contact us for more information at 866.845.2224

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