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Connecticut Community Care partners with diverse stakeholders including the legislative and executive branches of state government, municipalities, the business community, philanthropic institutions, and other nonprofit organizations to enhance the quality of life for present and future generations of older adults and individuals with disabilities.

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In partnership with Simsbury Specialty Housing, CCC care managers provide personalized screenings with potential residents of all ages and abilities to live at OJAKIAN Commons, accessible and affordable luxury style apartments located in Simsbury. Applicants are referred for screening by the MS Society, FAVRH and Money Follows the Person program staff. Each interview includes a screen for health and safety needs and eligibility for supportive services.




National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Connecticut Chapter

Beyond the OJAKIAN referrals, CCC works in an ongoing partnership with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, CT Chapter to provide assessments and wide ranging integrated care solutions to help those diagnosed with MS. These solutions might include ongoing care management, assistance with navigating a complex medical system, monitoring adjustment to new medications, and long-term planning to meet continuously changing needs.


Live Well, an evidence-based chronic disease self-management program and diabetes self-management program developed by Stanford University and supported by the Connecticut State Department on Aging and Department of Public Health, presents workshops that help individuals take charge of their lives by building self-management skills. Designed for those with chronic health conditions such as diabetes, the workshops led by certified CCC trainers also encourage healthier behaviors, build self-confidence to improve communication with health providers and identify better ways to deal with pain, fatigue and stress. www.cthealthyliving.org

Healthy IDEAS

Contrary to popular belief, depression is not a normal part of aging. That is why CCC has adopted Healthy IDEAS, an evidenced-based program that integrates depression awareness and management into existing care management services provided to older adults, with support from the Connecticut Department on Aging and implementation guidance from Care for Elders and Baylor College of Medicine. This program has proven results in detecting and reducing severity of depressive symptoms in older adults with chronic health conditions. www.careforelders.org/healthyideas

University of Saint Joseph

In partnership with the University of Saint Joseph, CCC offers an internship program for students from the Schools of Nursing, Pharmacy, Dietetics and Social Work.  Each year, interested and qualified students are assigned a CCC care manager who provides clinical supervision and serves as a career role model. A long-range goal is to have participating students become involved in a year-end interdisciplinary activity highlighting a client situation reviewed from viewpoints of the various professions.

Danbury Collaborative / A Community Model of Caring

With support from the Peter and Carmen Lucia Buck Foundation, Inc., CCC was chosen to provide operational, strategic and administrative support to The Age Well Community Council of Danbury  (formerly The Aging In Place Council of Danbury)  to help achieve the goal of lasting social change in response to the current and anticipated change in Danbury’s demographics as they relate to its aging population.  In addition, PLCB Foundation funding has allowed CCC to provide support service linkages with the Danbury community, while also providing person-centered care planning and support to residents at three housing complexes and a care management team that contributed to a 3.5% reduction in the average readmission rate for qualified Danbury Hospital patients. 

News Times - City Launches Plan To Age In Place

John H. and Ethel G. Noble Charitable Trust / Dedicated to Inclusivity


With support from the John H. and Ethel G. Noble Charitable Trust, we are making great strides to continue LGBT inclusion. The “Getting it Right Practical Implementation Guide to Becoming an LGBT Responsive Organization” is now available to help organization leaders move their inclusion efforts forward. Also, The LGBT Moveable Senior Center, an initiative that connects LGBT adults to healthy aging services and supports offered by community Senior Centers, is well underway and has gained national recognition by the federally-funded LGBT National Resource Center. For more information, call 866-845-2224.

Huntington Towers / Personalized Care

A strong and growing partnership with Huntington Towers in New London is reflected in the presence of an onsite care manager who is focused and committed to providing information and referrals and care coordination services, including translation assistance and participation in our Healthy Living initiatives to qualified residents.

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  • “Our care manager was extremely competent, compassionate, prompt and concerned about all aspects of our case. She followed-up on every detail and checked up on us to make sure things were going well ...”

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